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Easter is the Church’s celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from His death on the cross. The liturgical season starts in the Easter Vigil (called the “Mother of All Vigils”) celebrated on the eve of Easter Sunday. This marks the end of the Holy Week and the last day of the Paschal Triduum. It is the most important celebration in the Church’s liturgical calendar, thus calling Easter Sunday the greatest of all Sundays. In the Gospels, on the third day after His Crucifixion and death, Jesus Christ rose from the dead. His resurrection signifies His triumph over death, His victory against evil, and man’s salvation from sin fulfilling God’s promises to mankind. Easter is simply derived from the word “East”. As the sun rises in this direction bringing the light of a new day that signifies risen Christ – the Light of the World. The Paschal Candle used during the

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Ordinary Time

As the liturgical calendar goes in its annual cycle, the Church associates “the return of dates and seasons with the

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Fifty days after the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Catholic Church celebrates Pentecost. On this feast day that concludes

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Laudato Si’ Week

Laudato Si’ Week is an annual anniversary celebration of the “world-changing” encyclical letter of Pope Francis, Laudato Si’ – On

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From the words “Christ’s Mass”, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. This celebration which falls

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The word advent is derived from Latin word, adventus, that means “arrival, coming”. Advent, being the season that begins the

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