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Saint Pedro Calungsod

Saint Pedro Calungsod, also known as Peter Calungsod or Pedro Calonsor, is a young Filipino Catholic migrant canonized Saint by Pope Benedict XVI in 2012. He was an altar server and a missionary catechist who migrated to Guam with Spanish Jesuit Missionary, Fr. Diego Luis de San Vitores. There, along with Father San Vitores, Calungsod “suffered religious persecution and martyrdom”. Early Life and Education There were only a few details known about the early life of Saint Pedro Calungsod. Historical research identified his Visayan origins, merely identifying his name as “Pedro Calonsor, el Visayo”. Calungsod received formal education at a Jesuit boarding school in Guam. There, he as well mastered Catechism while learning to communicate in Spanish. Skills necessary for missionary work were also learned by Calungsod such as carpentry, painting, drawing, singing, and acting. Missionary Assignment In 1668, at the young age of 14, Calungsod was among the young

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Laudato Si’ Week

Laudato Si’ Week is an annual anniversary celebration of the “world-changing” encyclical letter of Pope Francis, Laudato Si’ – On

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Easter is the Church’s celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from His death on the cross. The liturgical season starts

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Chrism Mass

Chrism Mass is a Holy Mass celebrated by the bishop at the diocese’s cathedral church on Holy Thursday morning. Joined

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Homeless Jesus

A Sculpture by Timothy Schmalz Homeless Jesus is a sculpture cast in bronze metal made by artist Timothy Schmalz. Measuring

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Laetare Sunday

Other than the third Sunday of Advent (Gaudete Sunday), priests also don rose-colored vestments on the fourth Sunday of Lent

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Lent is a liturgical season in which Catholics dedicate 40 days of fasting, almsgiving, and prayer in preparation for the

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Ash Wednesday

More than six weeks before Easter Sunday, Ash Wednesday is observed by Catholics in opening the season of Lent. Wearing

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Ordinary Time

As the liturgical calendar goes in its annual cycle, the Church associates “the return of dates and seasons with the

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From the words “Christ’s Mass”, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. This celebration which falls

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The word advent is derived from Latin word, adventus, that means “arrival, coming”. Advent, being the season that begins the

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