RED WITHOUT FEAR: The Church Journeying as One | Red Wednesday 2021

Consistently, Christian faith is the most persecuted faith in the world as shown in the annual World Watch List report of Open Doors, an international organization serving in over 60 countries. And while persecution seemed to be an unending dark reality in the World, the Christian faith continues to show its radiant light through the lives of its martyred saints.

In support to persecuted Christians around the world, Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) United Kingdom started the Red Wednesday campaign in 2016 where England lit in red its famous sites including the Royal Palace and the Cathedral of Westminster. The campaign also aims to promote respect between different religions, urging people to stand for their faith and religious freedom. ACN Philippines launched its first observance of the campaign in 2017 in support of the victims of religious persecutions.

Today as we observe Red Wednesday, may we have the spirit of solidarity on our faithful journey towards Christ. Let us reflect on the scene of Crucifixion when Christ compassionately prayed to the Father for forgiveness to those who persecuted Him.

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